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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

December 12
Age 15
Blood type A
Gender Female
Race Demon
Heighth 5'5
Team None
Affiliation Yokai Academy
Partners None
Family None

Yuurei is a major character that first appears in the Civil War arc of Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Dawn and is a classmate to Echo during his time at the academy.

Appearance Edit

Like her peers Tsuya and Furea, Yuurei is very sought after by the male student body of the Yokai Academy. She has turquiose blue/green hair that is bobby pinned in the back and reaches below her collar bone. She has thick gray eyes and wears a gray and silver tank vest and two emerald green bracelets on each arm. She wears very short black shorts and black leather boots that reach just below her knee with emerald green laces. She also has a fair skin tone.

Personality Edit

Yuurei has a very quiet personality that reflects in her often expressionless demeanpor. She is the last of the three of Echo's friends who is shown, and immediately takes a secret liking to him. But to the disbelief of most, she actually took a good first impression of him for their similiar personalities, not his looks. She claims to also have sensed his dark powers, which are similiar to hers. Around him she is quite shy, protective, and also jealous. Despite being quite drawnback, in certain situations she has been shown to act quite merciless with people who get on her wrong side.

Until being acquinted with Echo's ever-growing group, she was quite unpopular, mostly because of her neglegence to form friendships.

Abilities Edit

Yuurei is a special demon, a dark spirit phantom to be exact. In such, she is able to easily phase through any surface, and also can take on a poltergeist form to evade damage and defy gravity. In this form she loses her lower body for a ghost like whisp trail. She is also able to enter the bodies of others in this form and control their actions, regardless of their power. Along with this, she is able to generate green blasts of plasma to decimate foes and can manipulate these into the form of sonic waves through screaming.

In school, Yuurei is the top student, soaring above everyone else in every subject, and also plays several dozen instruments, her favorite being the harp.

Quotes Edit

"Greetings...I'm Yuurei, it's wonderful to meet you."

"I'll prove to him that we're soul mates, just watch."

"Silence, or will kill you myself."