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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

April 16
Age 15
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Race Demon
Heighth 5'6
Team None
Affiliation Yokai Academy
Family None

Tsuya (Literally japanese for "Bright") is a major character in the Civil War arc of Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Dawn. She is the classmate of Echo during his time at the Yokai Acedemy and later leaves to venture off with the other main characters.

Appearance Edit

As said before, Tsuya is a classmate of Echo in the Yokai Academy and is the prospect of many male admirers. She has deep red collar bone length hair that is wavy along the tip. She has sparkling royal blue eyes and has slightly tan skin. She wears a tight crimson and white sporting shirt with a bright green star in the middle, along with a upper thigh length blue skirt.

Personality Edit

Tsuya is a very cheery and bubble girl who is usually smiling. On the outside, Tsuya acts fairly tomboyish, obsessed with sports. Even so, she is very feminine deep down and makes friends easily, though this can sometimes lead to her getting hurt by the wrong person. She is the first friend Echo makes at his brief time at the Academy, and soon leaves after him to combat the harpie menaces.

Abilities Edit

In school Tsuya has very impressive athletic abiltiies, being acrobatic and the top student in physical education. She is also a member of the beach volleyball team, and girls basketball and soccer.

Tsuya is from a lineage of tribe-like demons who fight savagely with brute strength and insane stamina. Her mother raised her to be a woman, while her father made she sure she was idnependent, and she is ever so with her abilities. She has massive physical strength, outweighing Echo's tenfold. Alongside this, she has amazing stamina, and could take a bullet like it was a grain of sand. Her resistence to spiritual energy is also imrpessive, allowing her to shrug off many attacks as if they were water splashing against a rock.

Quotes Edit

"Is this your first year too? I'm so glad, we can stick together and have so much fun!"

"I wouldn't mess with him if I were you."

"Echo! Who's this witch haired tramp?!"