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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

Age Unknown
Blood type Sacred
Gender Male
Race Sacred Demon
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Appearance Edit

An African-looking member of the society, Titus wields a scythe for battle and wears a green jacket with a white shirt udnerneath. He also dons a red scarf and a cowboy lookign hat with bullet in it. His right eye is covered by an eyepatch for unknown reasons, and he wears black shoes that he often uses to stomp out his discarded cigarrettes. As mentioned formerly, he is a big smoker, often seen with a cig.

Personality Edit

He is seen as eager for battle, rude to his fellow men (other then Sori, who he shows the highest respect), and obnoxious. He shows a certain bloodlust and believes that Demons should be purged other then the Sacred ones, but the Humans can remain for either food or sport.

Abilities Edit

Weapons- He wields a scythe in battle, carrying it strapped to his back most of the time. When he swings it the blade can detach and move like a boomerang and slice through the enemy before returning to the staff. Although it is extremely fast and can move in the blink of an eye. Other then that he is shown to use a pump-action Shotgun that can fire 5 rounds before having to reload.