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The Labyrinth was an abondoned city that's origin is unknown. Thousands of years after it's abandonment, the Sacred Demons took refuge in it. Soon after the formation of The Sacred Society of The Higher Demon, it is proclaimed their base of operations. Referred to simply as "The Labyrinth", it is soon upgraded with several defense sytems built by Kagakusha. It's also quite large, being slightly larger than the Human city of Manhattan.

Defenses: It has several defenses made specially by Kagakusha incase of attack.

  • Illusions- Some hallways show you your greatest fears and nightmares, though they are low level illusions and with enough energy can be passed through easily.
  • Turrets- Incase of an Aerial assault, it has been upgraded with battery cannon turrets firing spirit blasts.
  • Trap doors- Certain hallways also have trap doors that can be controlled by the security station, also Kagakusha's lab.
  • Others- The Minions cover the hallways in the Labyrinth, making sneaking around difficult. Also running into one of the high-members of the Society would be a grave mistake.