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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character
Teru Kagami
Birth Date June 21
Age 14
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Race Human/Hikage Yokai(Fire and shadow demon)
Heighth 5'7
Team  ?
Affiliation spirit detective
Partners Takeshi Echo
Family revealed later


Echo or Sad and maybe even Tak...lets think of a background.


Teru is still a young teenager not yet to become fully muscular he is really thin and has brown eyes and semi-short black hair. He wears whatever kind of clothes unlike Takeshi and carries a blade in which he can infuse his special Hireiki(spiritual fire energy) into the blade. He either wears a Jacket or a cloak/cape.How he got Hireiki is unknown but it is revealed he had it since birth so he must be half demon as well.


He is extremely lazy but can work hard if he feels like it he also enjoys reading books and playing videogames.He likes girls and can be manipulated by them. His favorite kind of food are sweets and ramen he is also very smart and can be smarter than Takeshi but as you know he is also lazy sometimes so lazy he would rather not be smart or think for that matter.


He is known to be a master of Capoeira and won't hold back for anybody.He can fuse his Hireiki into his blade which causes it to be quite devastating.Teru can control shadows so he cannot be seen if he doesn't want to and he can control his enemies with the shadows.Teru can teleport himself and anyone with him at will anywhere at anytime. The only weakness he has is that he is in a way like Echo in which he doesn't have an actual defense but uses his speed,power,and cleverness to make up for that.He is an excellent dueler and can even control fire to the same extent as Takeshi controls ice even to make an almost invincible aura called the Kajikage Aura .During the Dark tournament Saga Teru seems to rely on a new wind spiritual energy that will be made known later.More abilities awaken in him during the Dark Tournament Arc stay tuned to find out.