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Team Hakumei is a team that entered in the Dark Tournament for the purpose of keeping the prize wish out of the wrong hands.

Members Edit

Echo: The most well known of the fighters in Team Hakumei, and in such is the target of most team's fear and hatred. Because of this, most teams reserve their leader to deal with him. Despite being the subject of fear for the male fighters, his appearance and reputation often gets him unwanted attention from demon fangirls.

Takeshi: The most bored of Team Hakumei, and not often anxious to fight. Most teams reserve their more crafty members to thwart him, and hate him for being associated with humans.

Teru: Perhaps the most trigger happy of Team Hakumei,Teru gets a lot of hate from the demon spectators for being from the human world. Despite this, he is unfaltering, and most teams reserve their brawniest/speediest member for him. He is actually quite smart and even more clever than Takeshi but is also very lazy which can affect the team's performance.