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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

Age Unknown
Blood type Sacred
Gender Male
Race Sacred Demon
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Syfer is a member of The Sacred Society of Higher Demons. He serves as Sori's bodyguard most of the time.

Appearance: Syfer has Black hair and red eyes. He wears all black but a red, heart shapped pendant on his chest. He wears a hood and ninja boots along with black padded armor. e seems to have a mask-like ornament under his hood taking the shape of 2 whispers on each cheek. All of thema re black.

Personality: He is cold, quiet, and calculating. He usually only speaks when spoken to or has information needed. He is dutifully loyal to the Society and it's purposes. Though he can be ruthless and merciless to his opponents.

History: He appears as a Shadowy figure alongside Sori during the Dark Tournament arc. He remains quiet throughout this entry.


Weapons- He wields a pair of large Double-sided Kunai along with a giant Skuriken mounted on his back. Other then that he keeps a repository of scrolls under his armor that can summon weapons of varrying origin, including: Kunai, Shuriken, Bent swords, Katanas, Bladed nunchaku, scythes, Kamas, and Ninja swords.