Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character
Birth Date December 21
Age 11
Blood type O
Gender Male
Race Urufu Seirei (Wolf Spirit)
Heighth 6' 1"
Team Team Urufu
Partners Kamisori, Tsume
Power Level 1.5

Suraisu is one of the wolf spirits that is somewhat of an antagonist to Teru and Takeshi, often stealing items of importance from them. He later becomes one of their allies.

Background Edit

Suraisu is a child of the Shozoku no Urufu, a clan of wolf spirits. He was born into the nobility of the Urufu's, giving him a high status. But he was born with a low power level, and is often beaten in fights. Due to this downfall, he was rejected by the Urufu's, and exiled from them. Although he had weak power, his endurence is beyond that of most demons. After his exile, he met up with two other Urufu's who became his good friends, Kamisori and Tsume.

Appearence Edit

He looks like he is a High School Student, but his true age is 11.

Personality Edit

He is often the one who is in the dark about a lot of things. He also constantly asks Tsume questions if there is something he doesn't understand. But when it comes to mischeiviousness, he is a master at this, often filching items of importance from others in an expert manner.

Abilities Edit

Weakness Edit

Despite Suraisu being 11, he is weak-kneed around girls, even Kamisori despite their long friendship.