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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

December 31
Age Unnknown
Blood type Sacred
Gender Male
Race Sacred Demon
Heighth 5'11
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Sori Matsukai (Literally Japanese for "Arch Angel") is the lord and high monarch of The Society of The Higher Demon, and in such the most powerful.


Sori is five feet eleven in height, the same as Echo, and has light blue skin, and the right half of his body radiates a sparkling light from his attachment with his crystal. He has elf-like ears blue-green medium-length hair. He wears a light brown hooded robe that only shows his yellow eyes in a certain lighting. Sori is able to manifest a rapier-looking sword with purified energy spiralling down t oits' tip, this pure energy also manifesting into wings on his back when his power is in use.


His personality is a mystery, though it can be asumed that as the leader of the society, his is the strongest in the belief that his race is perfect, and from what is shown he usually has a rather calm demeanor, and doesn't actually appear or sound intimidating. But under that shell is a malicious power that is easily tapped into.


As oppossed to his almost polar opposite, Echo, he uses purifaction techniques to brainwash and obliterate his enemies, the specifics on this hasn't been revealed yet.