sai is your normal fourteen-year old junior high school student... Well, maybe not. He neglects his schoolwork, despises teachers, and picks a lot of fights. This day hasn't been very pleasant for him. First, he was apprehended by the principal for trying to get his stolen wallet back from some thugs, was attacked by his rival kane, got home to find that his mom has been drinking... again, and then got run over by a car! It wasn't an accident, however, he had jumped in front of the car to save a small child. As he floated mindlessly in the air, he was approached by yusake .

he informs him that the Spirit World hadn't expected him to make such a sacrifice, therefore, he could have his life back. sai, still angry at what happened, decided he didn't want to come back. After viewing his funeral, though, and watching his mother, his friend tj, and his rival kane grieving and in tears, he decided to go through with his resurrection. Unbeknownst to him, there are a few "requirements"...

yusake takes sai to the Spirit World to meet the great ruler of the Spirit Realm, King Yama, but instead of meeting a large hulking monster like sia expected, they're greeted by a small toddler. He introduces himself as Konam, the prince of Spirit World. He gives sia the key to his revival; a small golden egg. This egg will eventually hatch. If sai's soul is of a good nature, the egg will hatch and reveal a Spirit Beast, a creature that is actually a part of his soul. However, if sai has an evil-natured soul, the creature that hatches will devour him, body and soul, meaning he won't even become a ghost, he will cease any plane of existence.

Fairly confident that he can do the task, sai and yusake return to the living world to make sure that sai's real body is properly taken care of. He must get the attention of at least one of his friends so his body doesn't become cremated. sai's mother, Atsuko, is out of the question, since she is completely drunk. He tries to tell tj in a dream, but since it was a dream, she doesn't believe it was anything real. His only choice left, and the one he dislikes the most, is to enter Kane; however, this also fails. It takes some time, but he eventually convinces tj that he is indeed coming back to life. tj immediately rushes over to Atsuko, telling her that she needs to keep sia's body in good condition. Atsuko nods, saying that sai's heart never seemed to stop beating..