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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

Age Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Gender Male
Race Demon with traces of sacred energy
Heighth 6'0
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Nome is a major character in the Dark Tournament and Society arcs in the storyline of Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Dawn. He takes the role of a spy in the DT arc to use the abilites of Team Hakumei to achieve the Society's goals, and escorts Teru and Takeshi to the Society's headquarters for experimentation in the following arc. He is tracked down before accomplishing this by Echo and Sadow, who quickly murder him.

Appearance Edit

Nome is a character with a seemingly harmless appearance. He has white hair with parted bangs and bright pink eyes. He wears a long eggshell-white overcoat and no shirt, black tuxedo pants and fighting shoes that reveal his long white stockings.

Personality Edit

Nome is a very mysterious character, with little info revealed about his background and present desires. He is usually very optimistic and good natured, but takes fighting very seriously. He usually bears a smile and provides a "glass half full" type of scenario. Although it should be noted, he acts likes this around the core protoganists, whom he is secretly against, so it can be assumed his previously mentioned personality is a facade.

Abilities Edit

It is revealed that Nome's abilities revolved around atmosphere around him. If he is battling in an earhty area, his spirit energy takes on a thick and powerful aura, if he is surrounded by water it becoems dense and heavy, and in such takes on the characteristics of other surroudnings as well, such as air, fire, and smog.

In the Dark Tournament arc, he is easily the most powerful participant, defeating his foe i nthe final round with a single blow. Amazingly enough, by the time of the Society arc, the strength of the other main characters has raised enough to defeat him. Echo himself managed to completely reverse the status of power difference between the two.