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Milran is a demon with the powers to control ice and create weapons from it like ice shards and ice swords.  He is a

Vital statistics
Title Dark Tournament Champion
Gender Male
Race Demon
Faction None
Health Normal
Level S-Class demon
Status Alive
Location Unknown
champion of the Dark Tournament but he uses his strength for evil uses which makes him a threat to any demon or human who opposes him.  He is 800 years old.


Milran will stop at nothing to get what he wants and he doesn't care who he kills no matter what their position is.  He has even killed a demon who tried to stop him before, but that demon was lying down and was injured badly whenever Milran killed him.  He is sadistic and likes to see blood, he will even lick his blood if he is hurt or taste the blood of his enemies after he has killed them.  


Milran has the appearance of a tall Caucasian man in his mid 20's.  He has spiky blue hair and ocean blue eyes, he wears a long black cape which covers his arms and torso.  Underneath his cape, he wears a sleeveless black jacket with an X symbol on it.  When he first unlocked his S-Class powers, his eyes flashed red and his teeth became fangs, he was also frothing at the mouth.  Within a few hours, Milran regained his sanity and his appearance became normal. 


Milran was born among a tribe of Snow Demons, similar to Ice Apparitions except that Snow Demons were male

Milran decides to sell his soul for power

and female while Ice Apparitions are all-female.  Growing up, Milran became a skilled martial artist, taking lessons from a wise elderly Snow Demon in his village.  When Milran had mastered the fighting style of the Snow Demons, he decided to take part in the Dark Tournament.  He was not entirely ready for the tournament and his martial arts skills and Snow Demon powers could not defeat Zengarra, an evil demon in the finals of the tournament.  After being beat down and badly injured, Milran decided there was only one way to win.  He trapped himself in another dimension whilst fighting and sold his soul to a demon wizard in exchange for power.  With his newly unlocked powers, Milran killed Zengarra in a horrific way which shocked many people, then he feasted on his body.  He could not control his newfound powers so he went insane, then he used them for evil.  Similar to Younger Toguro, Milran became immortal once he sold his soul for power.  He could never age and never die.   Milran was a B-Class Demon when he was badly beaten by Zengarra but Zengarra was a D-Class Demon, however, when Milran's powers were unlocked he became an S-Class Demon. 


Freezing Flames of Hell                                  

Armor of the Ice Beast

Dragon of the Frozen Flames

Spirit Ice Gun

Ice Shurikens

Spirit Rapid Punch

Spirit Charge

Super Strength

Armor of the Ice Beast