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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

April 1
Age Unknown
Blood type Sacred
Gender Male
Race Sacred Demon
Heighth 5'8
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Michael is the Librarian for the Society.

Appearance: Edit

He appears to have a black, hooded cloak he wears always in contrast to the lower Minions wearing brown robes. He has black hair and eyes. Under his robes he seems to have Scrolls and parchments attached to his uniform.

Personality: Edit

He is strict while in the Library, and any loud noises will be punished harshly. Outside he is quiet and collected yet still strict and demeanoring. He despises Kawakemono even though he is one of the Sacred Seven, mostly due to his pranskter nature and outright goofballish personality. Although he is a firm believer that the Sacred Demons are the best, and claims that history has marked so in the text.

History: Edit

He first appears in the library, breaking a ruler over Kawakemono's head for reading aloud (even though the book is upside down). He makes another appearance alongside Gabriel walking down a hallway when everyone is alerted to the Intruders.

Abilities: Edit

Weapon- He usually prefers to fight in hand-to-hand combat. But he has been shown to use a ruler (even though it's against Kawakemono for speaking loudly in the library)

Spells- He has been taught several spells by Gabriel and uses them with great profficiency.