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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

February 14
Age 15
Blood type Sacred
Gender Female
Race Sacred Demon
Heighth 5'8
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

(Name literally meaning "Goddess")


Megami is the sole female member of the Society, and the weakest in raw power. But, to even out the playing field, Megami appears as a humanoid and is easily the most physically attractive creature of any race. She wears sophisticated clothing to be taken seriosuly, yet her phisique makes this pointless. She wears a black, long-sleeved vest that doesn't have enough strength to prevent showing her perfectly endowed chest. Below her torso she wears a mid thigh length black skirt that seems to draw much attention due to its tightness. She wears black ankle strapped high heels and a black chain necklace that she wears tight on her neck. Her skin is fair and flawless, her eyes a frighteningly crystal clear blue. Her hair is a silky jet black that reaches to her lower back.


Megami doesn't usually attempt to seduce men outside of battle, though her hard-to-get attitude and unnatural looks easily transform the most powerful of demons into drooling lap dogs. She is calm and serious, known to have a perfect smile that usually manifests as a diversion, even when she isn't truly happy. She is extremely good at coating her feelings, extremely clever and cunning, and when neccessary can convince practically any male to do anything she wishes.

She isn't very decisive about the genocide of the "unpure", but all the same places her life on the line because she wants to be in harmony with her "family", the other members of the society.


Megami doesn't have a high raw power level, but instead has amazing allure abiltiies. When fighting a male, if she detects the slightest bit of hormone activity from them due to her, she can instantly trance and control them, using wild manipulation of their endocrine system. Once she comes in contact with the male in any way, she is able to cause their hormones to rage and instantly destroy the endocrine system from the inside, killing the victim despite their strength. Once initiated, the victim loses all rationality and escape is impossible, Megami usually not having to even move. She has been known to use her abilities to drive most men into sexually assaulting her to die as soon as she touches them.


"Come to me."

"Perhaps I would've been better off jsut being repulsive."