Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character
Birth Date February 14
Age 16
Blood type O
Gender Female
Race Urufu Seirei (Wolf Spirit)
Heighth 5'3
Team Team Urufu
Partners Tsume, Suraisu

Background Edit

Kamisori is a female Urufu Clan member that was cast out of the Urufu society. She stood against the Urufu Nobility, saying that the nobility is too weak to do anything about the uprisings in her village. She was cast out of the clan, and roamed the streets. She was found by Tsume, another castaway of the Urufus, and they quickly became friends. Kamisori has been traveling with Hikaru and Suraisu ever since.

Appearence Edit

Personality Edit

Kamisori is a rash, often rude type of person. She doesn't curse, but she can often annoy others easily in her speech. She thinks highly of her power, and is insulted greatly if anyone thinks otherwise. Despite this, she can act caring at times, often around small children, to which Tsume warns them that Kamisori has dual personalities. She often fights with Tsume, but nonetheless, retains some feelings for him.

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Kamisori is often prideful, and lets things go to her head. Her pride is really her ultimate downfall.