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Name: Kagirinai Hakumei (Eternal Twilight)

Users: Takeshi, and Echo

Info Edit

Kagirinai Hakumei, is the most powerful form of twilight and by far the most dangerous. Very few demons have ever had this form of energy, since it's power is so great. A few of the eternal twilight's powers are listed below. Kagirinai Hakumei and Eternal Twilight are used interchangablly

Abilities Edit

Increased Power: Kagirinai Hakumei is much stronger than regular Twilight and all Hakumei Energy moves are much stronger.

The Eternal Transformation: Though powerful, this can only be used on an area that has lost it's light. The area becomes a realm of twilight and most beings become spirits. However, not all become spirits, some in fact are corrupted by the twilight and become beasts of it.

Weaknesses Edit

Inability to Awaken Normally: Eternal Twilight can only be awakened by an unknown mean lost through to time. However, some people do know how to awaken it though they say that it is horriblly dangerous.