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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

Age Unknown
Blood type Sacred
Gender Male
Race Sacred Demon
Team The Society
Affiliation None
Partners Society Minions
Family None

Kagakusha (Lit. Scientist) is a member of The Sacred Society of The Higher Demon. He acts as a doctor and Scientist for the Society.

Appearance: He is slim and about the same height as Syfer . He has black hair at the roots, but it seems to be dyed a blueish green at the bangs. He wears glasses and a lab coat with black lab boots and white gloves.

Personality: Like all the other members of the Society, he believes their race to be the best and wishes nothing but the utter destruction of the rest. To fulfill this dream, he dedicates his life to his work. Experimenting on captured Demons and Souls alike, torturing them and turning them into mechanized slaves. He shows respect to all his companions.

History: He first appears when Sori, Syfer, and Lucas return back to the Labyrinth. He greets them and updates them on his current experiments, although being disrupted and criticized by Titus. He brushes this off, stating that they all must do what they can to further the cause.


Weapons- He wields a self-made energy blade that buzzes with each slice, incinerating flesh upon touch. It acts much like a Lightsaber.

High Intellect- After carefully studying his opponents first moves he can discern a way to defeat them and acts it out carefully. He also constructs the Labyrinth's defense system, his Android minions, and his Energy blade.

Android minions- He has servants aid in battle with him. They are each quite strong and have a self-destruct upon death feature.