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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

Oct 29
Age 863
Blood type o-
Gender Male
Race Converted Demon
Height 6.0
Team Team Hakumei
Affiliation Echo
Partners Echo


Strength 8

Speed 6

Stamina/skill 7

Spirit gage 9

Histery In the beginning Kae started off as a human child. He was bour in to the ()()family or the Dragon Fist family. This was not just a family but a Dojo war students cud learn the arts of demon hunting. Kae lived in this Dojo till the day of his third birthday when everyone was killed in a hellish Slater leaving only Kea with a death blow to the heart. because of Thar hi spirit arora's. a Necromancer - demon... Roy Ha ken. Being that he cud revive the dead. his plan was to add this lost humans to his ranks. which he did. Now forchen fell on Kea and he was saved by a Demon Croprater. who saved him by giving him a piggyback heart from a shape shifter. the organ slowly turned the young boy in to his not demon form.... as a shape shifter. he joined the demon army of one of the grate demon family's. which the cropraters served. During his first 100 years he trained as a warrior. and prepared his weapon by giving the () Tree with offerings of his own blood. and to the () mines with offerings of his spirit energy. once his tring was complete and he had received his weapon he joined the ranks. which he Quickly Rosa threw ranks and joined the front lines as a survivor. he became so obsessed with blood that he was the first one into badel and the last one out. taking the life of his enemy's was like breathing. He lost his purpose in life.... to find the man who killed his family. he didn't know why he wanted to find him. he never new his family but he had a burning desire for reving.this lasted for 200years but to his dismay his talents for Paine where needed in the prisons. as a torch er. did very well at. One day in Will torching a prisoner the demon self destructed. being so close to the blast Kea was nearly destroyed and has Ben in a regeneration tank for the past 303 yeas he has Ben recuperating...... but now he is a Wake age.......

Highest Rank Achieved... ...A...

Powers... The ability to shape Shift. Whether this be his howl body or a section. Ability to Chang his domains in one of the Stats Power, speed, Stamina/Skill

Weapons... Hikon Staff. this is a combination of the () tree and the () Stone.