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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character
Birth Date April 27
Age 17
Blood type B
Gender Male
Race Wind Yokai
Heighth 5'8
Team revealed later
Affiliation ?
Partners revealed later
Family ?

Background Edit

More revealed later

Appearance Edit

Jun is very skinny although and has semi-short hair with bangs. His hair is brown while his eyes are blue in color he wears whatever he feels like wearing and also has eight torn up jeans from injuries he sustained in a fight.

Abilities Edit

He can control the element of wind at will and can even control it to an extent wear he can basically he can make tornados without even trying. Due to his wind powers he can be extremely fast even faster than Teru(although not as strong or smart). Jun is shown to have no actual weapon but can use all types he is matched up with Teru in the Dark Tournament Arc.

Personality Edit

He is cocky and underestimates everyone even his pals he is shown to get easily excited and when this happens he can't. He is known for his like for eggrolls and any known type of mexican food.(except for soft tacos he simply hates soft tacos)