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Yu Yu Hakusho fanon character

Birth Date

July 3
Age 15
Blood type B
Gender Female
Race Demon
Heighth 5'6
Team None
Affiliation Yokai Academy
Partners None
Family None

Furea (Literally japanese for "Flare") is a major character that first appears in the Civil War arc of Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Dawn as a classmate of Echo.

Appearance Edit

Furea, like her rival Tsuya, is very attractive to males. She has bright blonde hair that is tinged with red as each strand nears its tip. This is due to a natural effect from her background. She has crystal clear amber eyes that inwardly burn with fire as her abilities are tapped into. Around her neck is a tight necklace with a amber gemstone hanging in the center. She wears a blue tank top with gold lining, and a golden and black cheerleading skirt. On her feet she wears golden flip flops and has lightly toned skin.

Personality Edit

Furea is a very outspoken girl that is a classmate to Echo during his forced time at the Yokai Academy. She is a very popular girl due to her looks and her captain cheerleading status. She is never afraid to speak her mind and will instantly confront anyone who gives her the wrong vibe. She initially notices Echo's unwanted popularity and is jealous, believing that it should be earned by someone who works for it, not someone who doesn't even care. Assuming that by him being such good friends with Tsuya they must be intimate, so she conducts a plan to steal Echo form her and humiliate him publicly, but this plan soon turns upside down and puts her on the opposite side. She later becomes good friends with Echo, though she'd like to be even more. She eventually leaves with Tsuya once Echo departs to fight the harpie menace.

Abilities Edit

Furea is an extremely rare breed of Fire Yokai, a legendary kind in fact. Her abilities center aroudn her summoning prowess, able to summon fire creatures and minions fro mthe deepest pits of the demon world. To add onto this, she is able to instantly melt anything she touches, allowing her to even melt the surface of the ground she's standign on to immobilize her opponents.

Quotes Edit

"That stupid Tsuya thinks she can ruin my plan, well she doesn't know what I can do!"

"Echo, don't you understand my feelings?"

"Back off, now."