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Energy is a micromanaged power that comes from individuals in two basic forms, Life and Spirit. Each type is significant to the individual for fighting and of course, living.

Life Energy Edit

Life energy is the energy that humans and demons possess that keeps them, well, alive. It is measured by the health, fitness, and potential of the user, and is increased and decreased on the physical level.

Spirit Energy Edit

Spirit energy is another type of energy possessed by all. The lucky few that have a substantial amount are able to concentrate their energies into spiritually powered attacks. Each attack takes its toll on its user, draining their energy gauge. Depending on the user's spiritual capacity, differently powered attacks are available to use at a variable number of times. For instance, a being with a spiriutal capacity of two with two different attacks, a standard move with a power level of one and a special move with a level of two, could use the standard attack twice or the special attack once.

In addition to levels, each individual is able to use different types of energy due to their natures. Some have a pure energy, some pyrokenetic, some are able to manipulate items or even their own bodies, and many more that I'm leaving to you to decide for your character.

Levels Edit

Going back to levels, to keep organization, I would like each user to place the spiritual gauge of their character underneath this paragraph, to display their maximum energy capabilities. Though it should be warned, your character's power msut be explained in a understandable way, and I expect a long fan fiction story to paint a picture of their training and growth in power. If you list a large power level without any information on your character's page, rather than warn you I will simply erase your edit. Furthermore, I would ask that none of you exceed the levels of five until you have quite a bit of story outlined. For example I will post my character's gauge info, and you may post yours directly underneath his.

The minimum level is one with the maximum being ten, I would advise you not to place ten at the moment for the formerly stated reasons.

Character Levels Edit