Takeshi walked through the forests of the demon planes alone he was on his way to meet up with Echo and Teru for the Dark Tournament after 2 months of training.

As he walked however he felt a presence behind him and turned around to see a man carrying a sword that Takeshi could tell was incrediblly powerful. "Do you need something?" he asked.

Minkai looked at the boy. He was small, but he was strong. "Hm. I dont want anything. Just looking for a little.. challenge." Minkai said . "And you dont look like you're in much of a hurry.." Minkai smiled as he pulled Kunkiri from his back. "Up for a little fight?" Minkai asked.

"Sure, Minkai," said Takeshi as he pulled out his sword.

"You've heard of me? Im Flattered." Minkai said mockingly, and stbbed the ground, causing the earth below the two to become uneven and slpit. Giant rocks flew, and magma began spilling onto the surface.

"Nah I'm just good at telling what people's names are..." Takeshi then jumped onto a tree and waited for Minkai's next attack.

Minkai made a slice in the trees direction, and a wave of demonic energy cut the tree that Takeshi was own.

Takeshi simply jumped onto the next one, "Haven't you been listening to the news? We should be more careful with the environment," he said in a mocking tone.

Minkai laughed. "You make it sound as if i care." Minkai said as he did a few more slices, sending waves going in all directions.

Takeshi blocked all waves with his blade and with his free hand he pointed at Minkai and said, "Hishoto," which shot a blast of ice energy out of his hand that struck Minkai's feet, freezing him to the ground.